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What is Facility Management?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Facility management is the art of managing all the operations and activities within a facility. It involves planning, organizing, directing and controlling all aspects of a building or premises to ensure that it is maintained in good condition for the benefit of its users. It involves ensuring that buildings are well-ventilated, have proper lighting and heating systems, have adequate facilities for security and safety measures against fire hazards, are clean and hygienic and pest-free. It also involves keeping records of expenditures on maintenance programs to prevent wastage of resources.

Hero Facility Services Facility Management

What can a facility management company do for you?

There are several reasons why a business or organization might choose to use a facility management company:

  1. Cost savings: By outsourcing facility management tasks, a business can save money on labor, training, and other expenses.

  2. Increased efficiency: A facility management company has the resources and expertise to handle tasks efficiently and effectively.

  3. Improved maintenance: A facility management company can help a business maintain its facilities in good condition, which can help to reduce the risk of costly repairs and downtime.

  4. Enhanced customer satisfaction: By keeping facilities clean, safe, and well-maintained, a facility management company can help to improve the customer experience.

  5. Reduced risk: A facility management company can help a business to comply with regulations and reduce the risk of liability.

  6. Flexibility: A facility management company can provide services on an as-needed basis, allowing a business to scale up or down as needed.

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Mike Kesselring
Mike Kesselring
Jan 05, 2023


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