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Effective Facility Management in Severe Winter Weather

As winter descends, the challenges for facility managers intensify, especially in regions like the northeast and Midwest currently grappling with severe winter weather. With road closures, business shutdowns, and unfortunate fatalities due to hypothermia, the urgency to maintain operational efficiency and prioritize safety becomes even more pronounced. Here are tips to help navigate the harsh conditions and ensure facilities are well-prepared for the challenges brought by the winter weather.

Winter Facility Maintenance

Understanding Winter Storm Effects on Facilities Management

Winter storms can significantly affect facility operations, and being aware of these effects is crucial for preparation. Here are four key impacts that facilities managers should consider:

1. Snow and Ice

  • The primary challenge during winter storms is snow and ice accumulation. Regular upkeep and winterization are essential to prevent operational breakdowns. Swift removal and melting processes are critical to avoid roof strain and icy surroundings.

2. Loss of Power

  • Winter storms often accompany high winds that can knock down power lines, posing a significant threat. While power outages are beyond the FM's control, planning for alternative solutions is vital.

3. Staff Availability

  • Transportation challenges during storms can affect staff availability. Adjusting the order of operations and distributing responsibilities among available employees becomes crucial for maintaining operational efficiency.

4. Dangerous Conditions

  • Customers face risks when visiting facilities during storms. Snow, rain, hail, and high winds create hazards, especially if there's accumulated snow and slick ice around the property. In instances of severe and dangerous conditions, it may be advisable to consider temporarily closing business operations. This precaution ensures the safety of potential customers and staff who would otherwise be required to come to work during challenging weather conditions. Prioritizing safety remains a paramount concern.

Hero Facility Services | Winter Preparedness

Strategies for Handling Winter Storms

Preparation Strategy:

  • Utilize software solutions, such as work order management, to streamline post-storm problem-solving. Hero Facility Services recommends using our complementary contractor-initiated work order app for efficient snow removal, ensuring prompt action without service request delays.

  • Cultivate strong relationships with trusted contractors, facilitating open communication and quick response times.

  • Have backup vendors in case primary vendors are overwhelmed. Allocating a sufficient budget for winter preparations is crucial to avoid additional stress and unforeseen costs.

Response Strategy:

  • Prioritize critical areas, such as entrances, exits, curbs, drains, parking lots, lights, signs, and roofing, for rapid snow and ice removal.

  • Act based on weather forecasts and allocate the necessary equipment for efficient snow and ice clearance.

Final Thoughts: Hero Facility Services Ready for Winter Challenges

As winter approaches, Hero Facility Services stands ready to assist facilities in maintaining operations during inclement weather. By implementing effective strategies, you can ensure a safe and accessible environment for customers. With Hero Facility Services, your facility will be well-prepared to face whatever challenges Mother Nature presents.

Reach out to Hero Facility Services today and entrust us with the task of ensuring your facilities are well-prepared for winter.

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