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5 Key Reasons Hero Facility Services is Your Ideal Facility Management Partner

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Selecting the right facility management partner is a critical decision for facility managers, and it requires a comprehensive evaluation of various factors. Hero Facility Services stands out as an ideal choice based on its commitment to excellence demonstrated through a combination of extensive experience, impeccable reputation, comprehensive services, cost-effectiveness, and cutting-edge digital and technical expertise.

1. Experience & Expertise: Hero Facility Services boasts a collective 60 years of experience from its leaders in facility management. This wealth of knowledge and expertise is not just a mere statistic but is actively exercised and embedded in day-to-day operations. The leadership's hands-on experience contributes to the company's ability to navigate diverse challenges and provide tailored solutions for each client.

2. Reputation & Credibility: Hero Facility Services has earned a top-notch reputation in the industry. This reputation is a result of consistently delivering high-quality services, adhering to ethical practices, and prioritizing customer satisfaction. The credibility established by the company ensures that facility managers can trust them with the responsibility of maintaining their facilities.

3. Range of Services: At Hero Facility Services, our commitment to excellence extends across the entire spectrum of facility maintenance — from rooftops to parking lots and everything in between. Our comprehensive approach ensures that no aspect of your facility is overlooked.

What sets us apart is our meticulous approach to building a robust vendor network. Utilizing a rigorous grading system, we handpick and retain only the best and most reliable vendors nationwide. At Hero, we prioritize quality over quantity, focusing on being the best in terms of vendor networks rather than the largest. This commitment to curating an elite network reflects our dedication to providing facility managers with a partner they can rely on — one that is not only responsive and consistent but also forward-thinking in its approach to facility maintenance.

4. Cost-effectiveness & Budget: Understanding the strict budgets facility managers have to adhere to, Hero Facility Services integrates competitiveness into its business model. By providing the best rates upfront, the company alleviates the need for facility managers to shop around for cost-effective solutions, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities with the confidence that their facilities and budgets are in capable hands.

5. Digital & Technical Expertise: In an era where technology plays a crucial role in facility management, Hero Facility Services goes above and beyond by having its own IT team. This team constantly develops new technologies to streamline communication, enhance efficiency, and provide a seamless experience for account managers. The complimentary customer portal and free IT support further exemplify the company's dedication to leveraging technology for the benefit of its clients.

Hero Facility Services not only meets the key criteria for selecting a facility management partner but also exceeds expectations by continuously improving and innovating based on customer feedback. The implementation of the ROC3 pillars - Responsiveness, Ownership, Communication, Consistency, and Competitiveness - is not just a set of principles on paper; it is seamlessly integrated into every work order.

Contact HERO Facility Services today to discover the ROC3 difference for yourself!

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